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Recital Ready

As the end of June approaches, so does my PhD recital. It’s all set for Wednesday 29 June at 7.30pm, Capstone Theatre in Liverpool. The programme includes Zwölf Wiener Deutsche D128, Menuett mit zwei Trios D335 and the Four Impromptus D899, interlaced with reflections on the programme drawn from my research.

Further details posted on the venue website are:

It’s been great to be back at the piano and prepare the music for my PhD recital, and exciting to think what might be next in my performance calendar.

In other news, the recitals and assessments at the University of Liverpool were all completed in May. They all took place in the Tung Auditorium, such a wonderful space to work and make music. Term is coming to a close at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, and it continues to be an absolute pleasure to see the next generation of musicians thrive.

On that note, I have recently been appointed the Education Trustee for the Harrison Parrott Foundation, a great honour and an opportunity to support music:

I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine, more news coming soon.

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