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New adventures

As August dawns, so does a new adventure in my career. Today, I have started a full-time contract as a Lecturer in Classical Performance at the University of Liverpool. It's very exciting to be a full-time member of the music department and embark on new projects with fantastic colleagues.

This does mean, after 7 and a half years, that I've left the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. It was bittersweet to leave the Conservatoire, it's been one of the greatest honours of my career to-date to mentor and teach the wonderful young musicians of the Junior Department and see them develop. I have enjoyed building the academic provision at the Junior Department and developing the advanced theory course, which has resulted in several students successfully passing their Grade 8 theory exams and going on to wonderful new adventures of their own at music colleges and universities. I know I will keep in touch with some of the remarkable people I have met during my time at the Conservatoire, and I look forward to continuing to support music education in other ways.

Following my PhD recital at the end of June, I now turn my attention to new performance projects — at the Tung Auditorium and in collaboration with colleagues too. August is a month to start planning the new academic year and getting started in my role as a full-time member of staff, as well as house hunting in Liverpool.

So here's to new adventures, remembering past experiences that bring joy and happiness and looking to the future with hope.

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