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Happy Easter

Spring is a time of hope when we look forward. It's also a time to reflect and lay foundations for the next adventure. The past few months have provided many building blocks for me – in August 2022 I went full-time as a Lecturer in Classical Performance at the University of Liverpool, in November I bought my first house, and I started 2023 with the completion and successful conclusion to my PhD.

Rollercoasters take all forms – a PhD is certainly one. It's been a whirlwind of experiences and lessons, I'm proud of the project I have completed with the support of my supervisor, Dr Joe Davies, and excited for where I may take my research next. A part of that is linked to my work at the University of Liverpool, where I recently took part in the lunchtime concert series performing a programme of Liszt and Schubert (this blog's picture is from the end of that concert in March 2023). It's great to be in a position where performance is an integral part of my work, and I'm looking forward to future recitals that bring together my research and role as a lecturer.

The next performances I'm involved with are with my fantastic students. The lunchtime concerts on 3 and 10 May in the Tung Auditorium are an opportunity for students to showcase their work in performance and composition during the academic year. It's also a chance to perform in front of an audience before their assessed recitals in May. A definite perk of my job is to work with talented young musicians and hear their performance work.

I've bought my first house in Liverpool and now enjoy walking to work each day. It's provided the opportunity to be a more active member of the department as well as attending events and joining things around the city.

I continue to be a Trustee for the Harrison Parrott Foundation and we're in the process of planning our next symposium and future initiatives to continue supporting the arts and music for all.

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